Knee Series: ACL Repair

Updated: Jul 1

Here are 3 priorities right after ACL reconstruction repair:

  1. Minimize pain and swelling. Getting in the habit of icing, compressing and elevating the limb regularly can help during the first week or two after surgery. The muscles around the knee are less efficient when inflammation is present. Avoid twisting and heaving lifting early on in the rehab process to minimize setbacks during the healing process.

  2. Re-gain range of motion in the knee. Being able to fully straighten and bend the knee after surgery is very important not just for standing and walking properly but especially for effectively performing high level activities again like running and jumping.

  3. Build strength and restore balance and proprioceptive awareness. Being able to walk with proper gait is a huge priority! Making these a priority will definitely accelerate your road to recovery!

Getting off to the right start following surgery is CRITICAL. Building proper habits and discipline early on can make the road to recovery much smoother.

To recap, ACL Rehab Priorities include:

  1. Minimizing Pain and Swelling

  2. Restoring Adequate Range of Motion

  3. Building Strength, Balance, and Body Awarness

The road to recovery is a marathon not a sprint. Aggressive patience is key! Here at CHAINWORK, we will equip you with the tools to manage the ups and downs that are inevitable during the rehab process.

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