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Dr. William Valdes



Sports Chiropractor, Functional Strength & Conditioning Coach United States Doctorate of Chiropractic BA Kinesiology and Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer 10+ years Expertise in Rehabilitation, Strength, and Flexibility.

Dr. Will completed his Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) in 2020 from University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. With a unique blend of manual therapy and strength training, Dr. Valdes has been able to elevate elite athletic performance by addressing athletic injury and movement dysfunction. Throughout his career, he has treated and trained multiple populations that include NFL, NHL, MLB and Soccer athletes.


Dr. Will Valdes is a sports chiropractor that recognizes the importance of patient empowerment through exercise and movement. Receiving his Bachelors in Sports medicine and Kinesiology began his passion to educate as many individuals as possible . Having more than 10+ years of experience with personal training, Dr. Valdes seeks to unlock everyone's inner athlete. Dr. Valdes' expertise spans from clients of various backgrounds, from high level athletes who want to optimize their sport performance, to the average someone who wants to minimize pain and prevent injury in their daily lives. 

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