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Dr. Hiro  Perera PT, DPT

MMA Specialist


Dr. Perera joins CHAINWORK after years of experience running an orthopedic/sports medicine outpatient clinic.  He is a graduate of Temple University’s doctor of physical therapy program and earned his Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Juniata College.


While Dr. Perera has experience working with top athletes in various sports organizations such as the NFL and USA Olympics, his primary area of focus is working with combat sports athletes.  He has worked and traveled with the top athletes from the UFC, Bellator, One FC.


Dr. Perera aims to return his patients back to the activities they love through innovative and up to date methods of treatment.  This includes a strong manual therapy background and certifications in mobility training such as Functional Range Conditioning.  He strongly believes that the heart of proper physical therapy care, is to empower his patients with the knowledge to address their problems so they not only feel better, but overcome their adversities and return to the activities they love.

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